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The Rules

Post by VictorRichardson on Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:40 pm

All right, here are the rules.

1: You have to be 13 or older and mature. I have seen immaturity on other forums, So i put in the "and mature" to try to keep immaturity from happening. I'm not trying to completely eradicate it, Because it happens, But i think if you join this forum, You should be mature. Also, 13 is the advised age to sign up for the internet, So that's why you have to be 13 or older.

2: Respect the decisions of admins and moderators. We do have the final say, Even if you don't agree with our decisions.

3: No political discussion. If you want to discuss politics, Go to USElectionAtlas, City-Data's Politics and Other Controversies forum, Or any political forum. But not this forum. I don't care if you think Obama is horrible or that Scott Walker is a flip-flopping moron. That stuff will start unneeded flame wars.

4: You are not allowed to remove any of your posts and replace them with "..."

5: Use common sense when posting to the forum. Do not put others down, Because that can easily start flame wars, and could very well result in banning or suspensions.

6: No religious discussion. Go to a religious forum if you want to discuss it.

7: No discussion about race. After the cases with Eric Garner and Michael Brown, It's a very sketchy topic, So i wouldn't advise you talk about it.

8: Members who are banned or deleted from this forum will not have their posts removed unless conditions warrant it.

9: No talking about railhaters such as StupidFoamer or SeattleSubTwat. I don't care what you think, I don't want to hear about railhaters.

10: Do not bump threads to demand that a new post is started. Keep all subjects in only one post. However, You can only post in old topics when you have something to add to it. Example: Do not say "I agree" in reply to something someone has posted, As that is not a valid reason.

11: Don't bitch about something, unless you have thoughts to solve the problem.

Here is what will get you permanently banned:
Posting Child Porn
Posting Images Of Porn
Links To .onion Sites
Death Threats (I Despise When People Do This. It's Really Immature)
Banned From 6 Months To 1 Year:
Abusing Admin Powers (If You're An Admin, That Is. And Once Your Ban Is Over, You Cannot Have Them Back)
Links To Animal Abuse Videos
Links To Keygens
Banned From 1 Day To 6 Months:
Starting Flame Wars
Being An Asshole
Posting Racial Slurs (Swearing Is Allowed Here, But Not Racism)
Discussing Politics, Race, Religion, Etc.

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